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News : Dope violation in Indian shooting goes a notch higher

Shooting is a sport where cases of dope violation are comparatively less than other sports in the country, but surprisingly the cases of dope violation has seen a slight high in the recent past. Till last year, there were only five cases of dope violation since the formation of the National Anti Doping Agency was formed in the year 2005, however, the NRAI has witnessed the suspension of five shooters for dope violation in the last year itself, which also include international shooter Ravi Kumar, who was suspended for two years. NADA has provisionally suspended pistol shooters Kizar Khan and Sharvan Kumar for failing tests during Nationals in December 2019 and the selection trails in January this year respectively. Both these shooters are believed to have taken beta-blockers, a substance which settles the nerves and which is a big advantage in the sport. NRAI president Raninder Singh feels that numbers are high because testing has been done more vigilantly since the past couple of years.


  • Released : 19-Jun-2020


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