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News: IOA chief Narinder Batra violating laws everywhere, claims IOA VP Sudhanshu Mittal

Indian Olympic Association, which has now been marred by internal politics and ‘rifts’ is dealing with strong counterattacks from people within the federation. In the latest move of blame game, IOA Vice President Sudhanshu Mittal hit back at the International Hockey Federation's clean chit to its President Narinder Batra. In a letter to FIH CEO Thierry Weil, Mittal said that his first letter which said that Batra was ineligible to be President of the FIH, was addressed to the governing body's Disciplinary Commissioner Gordon Nurse. Following the issuance of the complaint by Mittal, the FIH''s Integrity Unit independent chairman Wayne Snell said in a statement that it won't be taking any action against Batra but Mittal said that Snell's statements carry no merit. Mittal said that Weil ‘diverted’ the complaint and the latter's actions have confirmed the allegations he made regarding abuse of power by Batra as FIH President.


  • Released : 15-Jun-2020


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