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News : IOA marred with war of words and blame game

The blame game within the Indian Olympic Association is taking another turn as Associate Executive Council member Bholanath Singh alleging that Secretary-General Rajeev Mehta's term as the President of the Fencing Association of India was illegal. In a letter addressed to Sports Secretary Ravi Mittal, Singh also says that by extension, Mehta's position as Secretary-General of IOA is also illegal as he ran for the post as a representative of the FAI. Singh alleges that Mehta switching from being the President of the Kho Kho Federation of India (KKFI) to being the President of the FAI is in violation of the 2011 National Sports Code. Singh also alleges that IOA Vice President and International Kho Kho Federation President Sudhanshu Mittal is running the International, Asian and Indian governing bodies of the sport from the same address.


  • Released : 17-Jun-2020


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