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News: NADA sends notice to 25 athletes for failing to disclose whereabouts

The National Anti-Doping Agency has sent notices to around 25 of the 110 athletes in its National Registered Testing Pool for failing to disclose their whereabouts during the national lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic. There was no sample collection during the lockdown phase but Nada had to follow the guidelines and sent notices to all those athletes who failed to submit their whereabouts three months in advance. The body did not disclose the names of those who have been sent notices. Nada will soon start its sample collection as the lockdown has been eased following all the health safety guidelines. Asked why banned shot-putter Inderjeet Singh’s name is still there in the RTP list, the official said that even those who are serving suspension sentences for doping offences are retained.


  • Released : 12-Jun-2020


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