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Cricket: Broad just happy to be back playing cricket despite lack of fans

Stuart Broad said as a 12-year-old he would've jumped at the opportunity to play cricket, even without fans. Broad: "We've got a group of 30 players here who have grown up playing County Cricket. And we are used to getting ourselves ready for a day's play without big crowds for a championship game. So I don't think that should affect our rhythm too much. And my mum said something to me actually, before I left. She said, 'Take yourself back to being a 12-year-old kid when you all you wanted to do was play cricket anywhere you could. I've got to have a coffee in the morning overlooking a Test-match ground. If you'd have offered me that as a 12-year-old, probably not coffee, but back then, I'd have been buzzing. I'd have been so excited. So I think trying to get into that mindset of, yes, we're playing a Test match for England. But actually, when you were a 12-year-old kid, you'd have done anything to play cricket. I remember looking out the curtains and if there was a bit of rain on a Saturday, it was like heartbreak. Trying to have that mindset of, 'This is exciting, just to have the opportunity to play and have some fun'. And actually it gives you a bit of energy when you think like that. Think how many people, even just going down to the next level of County Cricket, who would jump at the opportunity to have what us 30-odd players here have got. We shouldn't need anything else."


  • Released : 29-Jun-2020


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