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Cricket: Paine fascinated by England vs West Indies Test

Australia Test captain Tim Paine will be paying close attention to the England vs West Indies series in July. Paine: “I’m fascinated like anyone is to watch some Test cricket again and to see exactly how the West Indies-England series is going to work and the different things they’re going to be doing that haven’t been done before in cricket. I think that is going to be interesting. Certainly for someone like me and Justin [Langer] and the Australian international players, it’s something we’re going to watch really closely because you want to be able to prepare yourself for what might be happening. But I’ve found if you try and lock your way into one way of thinking at the moment then the next week or the next day it changes, so the key word we’ve spoken about a few times is being able to adapt and the best teams will do that, whatever’s thrown at them."


  • Released : 24-Jun-2020


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