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Cricket: Good chance Australia will play in England this year - Langer

Justin Langer claimed Australia could play in England later this year, but needs to finalise isolation terms. Langer: "If you had asked me two weeks ago if Australia would go to England I would have said no chance, but standing here now I think there is a good chance. I would imagine as important it is for India to come to Australia, it's just as important for Australia to go and play cricket in England and would be equally important for English cricket. We are all in this together at the moment, we are all going to help each other out. Time will tell, there will be complexities for isolation when we come back, coming into our domestic season when we come back. There will be complexities but as everyone is doing we are going to find solutions for those complexities and I'm confident we have the right people making the right decisions."


  • Released : 19-Jun-2020


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