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Chess News: Warring factions of AICF don’t want to resolve infighting at any cost

The matter on who is going to lead the All India Chess Federation has been adjourned by the honourable Madras High Court for August 17. The case, which was given a hear through online process will also decide some important issues like Restarting the election process, appointing a returning officer, composition of electoral college and validity of a disputed meeting. This is to be recalled that AICF has been divided into two warring factions, one headed by Bharat Singh Chauhan and the other one headed by P.R. Ventetrama Raja. The infighting within both these factions has been a cause of concern since long. There happened an online meeting on April 22nd conducted by BS Chauhan which sparked a major controversy within the federation, as Chauhan's group disaffiliated Bengal and Andhra Pradesh chess associations and also this meeting claimed to have suspended Raja from the post of president. The Raja group has challenged the legality of that meeting and an order on that petition is also expected on August 17.


  • Released : 30-Jul-2020


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