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Chess News: ‘Check & mate’ of Indian Chess Federation!

The legal battles, the political turmoil and accusations, this is what is happening at the All India Chess Federation as of now. Up till now it was somewhat clear that the new office-bearers at the federation took up their respective positions and few more places which were lying vacant would be filled up soon but no, the story doesn’t end here as in the new twists and turns at the AICF, the Madras High Court has set aside elections of AICF office-bearers and has asked the Returning Officer to convene a Special General Body Meeting for conduct of fresh elections after the Bharat Singh Chauhan’s rival faction led by P.R Venkatrama Raja appealed against the Returning Officer Kafikulla’s decision of rejection of their nomination papers for the elections for the Federation. Kalifulla had on February 11 declared as elected Ajay Patel (President), Bharat Singh Chauhan (Secretary) and three others for various posts for the period 2020-2023. The other three were Naresh Sharma (Treasurer), M Arun Singh (Joint Secretary) and Vipnesh Bharadwaj (Vice-President).


  • Released : 20-Feb-2020


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