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Chess News : Controversy-marred AICF in no state to solve issues on amicable terms

It’s been long since the All Indian Chess Federation has been marred by administrative turmoil and internal politics. In fact, the situation has reached a level where a five-member committee had to be formed to govern the AICF until the time everything settles down and that will only happen once the election process will be completed, which considering the present fettle seems way far. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, sporting activities had come to a major halt, including chess but slowly and steadily, things are coming back to track as the government is regularising sporting activities with certain norms and protocols in place. The Indian chess federation has been divided into two factions, where PR Venkatrama Raja is leading one faction and Mr. Bharat Singh Chauhan leading the other. The federation being split into two factions has also got its impact on the FIDE online Chess Olympiad where the two warring factions in All India Chess Federation called a temporary truce after president PR Venketerama Raja pruned the list of the Indian team for Online Olympiad, which was on similar lines with what secretary Bharat Singh Chauhan submitted a day earlier. Now the controversy has also resulted in the resignation of the chief of the Selection Committee of All India Chess Federation (AICF) Grandmaster R.B. Ramesh.


  • Released : 08-Jul-2020


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