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Olympic Games: Tokyo 2020 to request 500 nurses to bolster Summer Olympic COVID response

Tokyo 2020 CEO Toshiro Muto said on Monday that they will secure 500 nurses for the Tokyo 2020 games in case athletes and stakeholders get infected with the coronavirus during the Olympics and Paralympics. Asked if this might strain the health care system in Japan, Muto said that he sets the number based on the premise that it would not have a negative effect on the local health care system. Athletes entering Japan for the games will be asked to get tested every day for a certain period, although Muto did not clarify the length of the period and noted that it is a general rule. "As a general rule, I think it would be great if athletes could get tested every day for a certain period after they enter Japan," said Muto.


  • Released : 27-Apr-2021


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