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Olympic Games: Tokyo 2020 unveils 'MOCCO' 10-meter giant puppet

Tokyo 2020 organisers unveiled video footage of "MOCCO" 10-meter giant puppet prior to Tohoku-to-Tokyo Tour of the Tokyo 2020 NIPPON Festival. The giant puppet will make appearances during a tour from three prefectures in Japan's Tohoku region, the areas most affected by the 2011 earthquake and tsunami, to Tokyo. With less than 50 days to go before the tour's first event in Iwate prefecture, Tokyo 2020 unveiled the full-size MOCCO in action for the first time. The organizers said MOCCO will be executing more dynamic and smooth movements during the tour. The tour is one of the main programs of the Tokyo 2020 Nippon Festival, which is an official cultural program of the Tokyo 2020 Games


  • Released : 02-Apr-2021


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