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Football: Henderson joins ranks of great Liverpool captains

Liverpool players of the past praise Jordan Henderson - the club's first Premier League-winning captain. Mcateer: “I think in years to come, being a captain is like a fine red wine. What Jordan has done is fantastic, but I think in 20 years time as that maturity happens and football moves on, I think you’ll look back and you’ll certainly be putting Jordan in that [Graeme] Souness bracket, without even thinking. Now, we question it. For me, for the love of Liverpool, and the appreciation of looking back and going through my childhood and memories, they pull on the heart strings. So I go with Souness or [Phil] Thompson. Steven [Gerrard] now is in that kind of bracket and I think in 20 years time you’ll be doing the same with Jordan. His name will just roll off the tongue when you’re asked about great Liverpool captains.”


  • Released : 28-Jun-2020