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Its not just Darren Sammy who has been a victim of Racism, there are others too, how prevalent is it in Indian Sports, watch the show to know!

The #GeorgeFlloyd movement has spread another type of virus which is engulfing the entire world, and this virus is called Racism, but the difference between this virus and the Corona Virus is that this virus is now breaking the norms of social distancing and creating social unity. Our own cricketers have come forward and have talked about comments on their skin tone and skin color when they were giving their hearts and soul to play for the country. What is shocking is the quietness of the cricket administration who's focus at the moment is only to hold the cash rish IPL, and the damage that can happen on account of the revenue loss. Do human emotions have a value? Are sporting bodies sensitive to the pain that remains bottled up in the minds of so many athletes as they face racial slurs while they are only doing their job? An apology to Darren Sammy for having faced a racial slur on Indian soil. Get it all on Talking Turkey with Kanthi


  • Released : 12-Jun-2020


  • Talking Turkey with Kanthi, Talking Turkey