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PM Modi's speech, Sportsman like. Will CM's comply?

PM Modi in his address to the country suggested in a true sportsmanlike spirit, to accept the situation and move on! Giving an example of how the earthquake in Kutch district of his state, where 20000 people lost their lives, it's a clear message to the state administration, that India has seen worse than COVID like situations before and has had the resilience to bounce back. Its no longer, Stay Home, Stay Safe, but the new buzz word seems to be Go Out, but Stay Safe. Lockdown 4 need not have restrictions of Lockdown 3, is what the Prime Minister reiterated. How much will the Chief Ministers comply? Will the State administration be ready to let go off the situation which they seem to be having under their control? Or is Lockdown 4 a new chapter in the #IndiaFightsCorona Challenge!


  • Released : 13-May-2020


  • PS Exclusive