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India versus Pakistan is bigger than the Ashes: Tom Moody

As anticipation grows for India's highly anticipated cricket match against Pakistan at the Asia Cup 2023, renowned cricket commentator Tom Moody shared his thoughts into the dynamics affecting India's preparations and the potential hurdles they may encounter.

Moody examined the significance of the India-Pakistan fight, comparing it to the prestigious Ashes series, and the strengths and considerations of both sides as they prepare for this historic showdown.

"I think this match surpasses the Ashes. It's always got a lovely story to it, and both are outstanding cricketing nations. And when you look at that Pakistan squad, it does boast a lot of talent. But one thing that stands out for me is that it also boasts experience,"

Moody told Star Sports.

"So now they have the combination of experience and talent, they are a real threat. They can match India with their pace bowling; they've got genuine pace on their side, and the only issue I see them potentially having is the depth in the quality of their batting which India has got. So that's going to be the interesting pressure that they put on the likes of Babar Azam at the top of the order,"

he added.

Moody also stressed Pakistan's Shaheen Afridi's vital role, particularly with the new ball, in potentially destabilising India's batting lineup.

"Shaheen Afridi. Full Stop. I just think that Shaheen Afridi with the new ball is a major threat, which he has done historically. Broken through with that new ball, manages to blow away a couple of early wickets, which then opens up the middle order for India to resurrect things. Particularly for a middle order that hasn't had a lot of game time,";

Moody said.

The Asia Cup will act as a Team Tester for both teams as all the selectors will be keenly watching the game to prepare a World Cup-winning squad for their respective teams.

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  • Released : 29-Aug-2023


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