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Golf: Ryder Cup without fans would be really strange - Furyk

2018 USA Ryder Cup captain Jim Furyk believes holding this year’s event without fans would be really strange. Furyk: “It's strange to play a PGA Tour event without fans. It would be really strange, I mean, just exponentially at a Ryder Cup. That atmosphere, the one side getting cheered for, the other side not at all, that's kind of what makes that event. That's what we love as players about that event. You get to represent your country. It's like going to an American football game, right? 90 per cent of the fans there are rooting for one team, and you have that home-field advantage. So to miss that would be awkward. I'd kind of need to know a little bit more about what our options are. Are the options no fans at all? Are the options a limited number of fans? 100 per cent, or what's the option if we don't play? What happens? What are the financial ramifications to the PGA of America if we're able to play under any of those conditions or if we're not able to play at all?”


  • Released : 18-Jun-2020


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