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Golf: Players could protest if Ryder Cup goes ahead with no fans - Koepka

Brooks Koepka insists that he does not want to play in the Ryder Cup if it's hosted with no fans. Koepka: "I don't want to play if there's no fans, I've said that. The fans make that event, the fans make that special. If we're not playing in front of fans it's just like us playing a game in Florida. You've got myself, Rory [McIlroy], DJ [Dustin Johnson], you've got all of these guys that are living in Jupiter, it would be just like a normal game in Jupiter. Yes I love to play for my country, I love to do all these things, but it's important to have the fans there. We feed off it, the fans get louder, or they'll boo you, depending on what you're doing, but that's the beauty of it. The Ryder Cup is a true sporting event, it's different to any other golf tournament we play, it's a true sporting event."


  • Released : 12-Jun-2020


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