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News: IOA officials lock horns during debate, treasurer accepts to step down if found guilty

The infighting within the Indian Olympic Association is becoming a major cause of concern for the Indian sporting culture and is certainly putting the same in jeopardy. A big question arises from here that what impact it will have on the other National Sports Federations if the association like IOA will walk on the anfractuous path? Apparently it seems like that the IOA is divided into two factions and when it comes to the blame game then both warring factions shout on top of their voices, but when it comes to talk about the development of sports in country, these factions turn taciturn. In the recent development, IOA Executive Council member Bholanath Singh has written a complaint against IOA Secretary General Rajeev Mehta for holding multiple posts in different sports organisations in the country, a copy of which has been accessed by Power Sportz. Singh, in a letter to Union Sports Secretary Ravi Mittal, said Mehta is holding posts in various state level sports organisations besides holding the post in national level sports organisations and thus should be removed from his position in the IOA and other bodies.


  • Released : 29-Jul-2020


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