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News : IOA president ‘wasting’ IOA’s money, reckons IOA treasurer Anandeshwar Pandey

Last week, Indian Olympic Association president Mr. Narinder Batra requested its executive council to approve the immediate release of the pending annual grant to all state Olympic associations and national sports federations to help meet their financial requirements as COVID-19 scare in the country continues to soar. Mr. Batra’s request came after IOA EC members Balbir Singh Kushwaha and Rupak Debroy expressed the need for financial assistance to the tune of Rs 20 lakh for each SOA and NSF. It seems like the request made by Mr. Batra did not go well with the other IOA officials, especially the IOA Treasurer Mr. Anandeshway Pandey, who, in the harshest way possible, wrote to Mr. Batra in a letter which has been exclusively accessed by Power Sportz, saying that his actions are spoiling the atmosphere of IOA and that his primary focus should be the development of National Sports Federations and Indian sports. Mr. Pandey in his letter to Mr. Batra also said that he is wasting a lot of money from IOA and that as a Treasurer he proposes to give an additional grant of Rs 10 lacs to each of its affiliated members to overcome the difficulties of the coronavirus.


  • Released : 20-Jul-2020


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