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Hockey News: Clarence Lobo on India's chances in Hockey WC

Indian hockey has produced many stalwarts from Major Dhyan Chand to Balbir Singh Senior to Dhanraj Pillai and the recently retired Sardar Singh who have gone on to perform brilliantly on the international hockey circuit. An important part though in shaping these great players goes to the coaches at different levels in the game, who work tirelessly behind the scene. They share their experiences with the players; help them to read match situations better while also improving their overall gameplay. All a coach desires are his ward going on to achieve great success on the sporting field. Renowned hockey coach, Clarence Lobo who began his journey in 1993, received Dronacharya award for his excellent services as a coach. He was live and exclusive on Power Sportz.


  • Released : 05-Oct-2018


  • PS Exclusive