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Chess News : MCA president divulges future plans to PS as AICF reinstated MCA after 4 years

The Maharashtra Chess Association is now back as a governing body after a long gap of almost four years. The decision regarding the same was taken in the Annual General Meeting held by the All India Chess Association. Not just Maharashtra Chess Association, but also the Rajasthan Chess Association has got its status back as both the associations sorted out conflicts with their respective rival bodies. When it comes to MCA, the dispute had originally stemmed from a factional tussle within the MCA, which was registered as a society in 1975 by way of amalgamation of the then five regional chess bodies in the state. The association was then granted affiliation by the AICF in 1978. Much later, in 2012, the AICF had asked all its affiliates to amend their bye-laws and be in line with one nation, one federation norm. However, the tussle within MCA factions resulted in the delay in the completion of the entire process. At that time, the association had approved the amendments but they were pending approval from the office of the charity commissioner. In December 2016, the AICF disaffiliated the MCA for not amending their bye-laws in time and granted affiliation to a parallel body in the state, thus setting off the legal dispute.


  • Released : 19-Feb-2021


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