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Chess News: Chess Players Forum secretary V Saravanan speaks to PS; hopeful of smooth AICF functioning

All India Chess Federation elections are now over and finally, the war of words and all the legal battles between the two factions has come to a halt. The Bharat Singh Chauhan faction has come out victorious from the recently-concluded elections which took place on January 4 and Sanjay Kapoor toppled P.R.Venketrama Raja to become president of the AICF. It this to be recalled that AICF was divided into two factions- one led by Bharat Singh Chauhan and the other by PRV. Both the factions were involved in a legal brawl on various occasions. We at PS asked the winning faction as to what their plans are now that the elections are over, they said that their first priority is to run the federation with utmost honesty and that they will strictly adhere to the National Development Sports Code. Now the Chess Players Forum, a body which was formed by the renowned chess players of the country is pretty hopeful that new office bearers at the AICF will be player-friendly.


  • Released : 08-Jan-2021


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