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Tokyo marks one year to go until Olympics... again

The spirit of the Olympics Games hasn't been forgotten one year out from the new start date of Tokyo 2020. Narrator: "We're all different. We look different. We come from different places. And live in different ways. But when we all go through the same struggle, when we all contend with the same fear, when we all face the same challenge, it's undeniable how much stronger we can be together. One year from now in Tokyo, Japan, propelled by the glow of a singular flame, inspired by an ancient idea that resounds more powerfully than ever. One year from now, prepare for that flame to come alive, fuelled by their passion, sustained by their greatness. A simple reminder of what we can achieve together. We may not be the same, but one year from now our connection will feel more powerful than ever. After all, it's our differences that give us strength. A strength propelled by hope, unified by dreams, together as one."


  • Released : 24-Jul-2020


  • Multi Sport, Viral