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Tennis: French Open win a 'bittersweet' moment - Nadal

The Spaniard said the COVID-19 pandemic meant winning his 13th French Open title was a bittersweet moment. Rafael Nadal: "Hello everyone, I'm back in Mallorca, in Manacor and obviously very happy and satisfied with what I've achieved. It's for sure a bittersweet feeling because we have been through a few very complicated months for different reasons, but the main one is the health. We are facing a pandemic that is affecting us worldwide and we all suffer with it. The second is the economic issues that have come out of the pandemic and is causing so many families to have a hard time. Let's hope that all of this is going to get better, let's hope that they get the vaccine or a solution out as soon as possible and that we can all go back to living in a more pleasant and happier world."


  • Released : 15-Oct-2020


  • Tennis, Viral