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Football News : Bruno Fernandes: “I've no issues with Portugal teammate Cristiano Ronaldo”

Cristiano Ronaldo, a teammate of Bruno Fernandes' from Manchester United and Portugal, has stated that they get along well. The Red Devils' head coach Erik ten Hag, the Glazer Family, and a number of other things were the targets of Ronaldo's astonishing attack in a Sunday night interview.

The lengthy interview with Piers Morgan reportedly left United unhappy, and the Premier League giants supposedly learned of Ronaldo's conversation with the journalist only minutes before some of it was made public. In the days that followed, Ronaldo was portrayed reuniting with his national squad

in preparation for the next World Cup and engaging in conversation with Fernandes. Although incident has subsequently been downplayed, the two looked to shake hands "frostily," with Ronaldo briefly expressing confusion at whatever his team mate said.

But according to Fernandes, there are no issues between the two as they both aim to concentrate on representing Portugal in Qatar.

Speaking to Sky Sports, Fernandes said:

"I didn't read the interview so I'm OK with that. As I said before, now it's the national team, it's Portugal. The coach made a point that it's us, he made that point since I came with the national team in 2017."

"That is still clear, that in his mind the main thing here is the national team and us so we have to be focused on the World Cup."

"You don't have a chance to play a World Cup many times - Cristiano did really well to play five times, this will be his fifth time - so everyone is ready for that, everyone wants to give their best for the team."

Fernandes repeated his intention to overlook any issues regarding United until after the forthcoming international competition when pressed further on Ronaldo's recent conduct.

He added saying:'

"This is the national team, Manchester United will be my focus after the World Cup, after December 18, because that is the final.

"I have no problem with anyone. I do my job. You have to control yourself, give your best and that's it."

On Thursday night, Portugal played in a World Cup warm-up match against Nigeria and won 4-0, with Fernandes scoring two goals for the 2016 European champions.

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  • Released : 18-Nov-2022


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