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Football: Media trying to ‘create division’ at Man United - Solskjaer

Some reports claimed Bruno Fernandes had lost faith in Solskjaer, prompting a fierce reply from the midfielder. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer: We know that any little chance from outside you want to create a division. I think Bruno [Fernandes] spoke really well the other day about… We are united, we have to stay together, we can't listen to everyone outside, we've got to just get on with it. Bruno has now lost two league games since he came to the club, and he came in February, but it's been two in quick succession, so he's not used to losing league games for us. But now, Bruno, welcome to United. This is what happens when you lose a couple and they try to create a division between us, but that's not going to happen because this group is a group that wants to work hard together and stick together.


  • Released : 17-Oct-2020


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