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Football: Brilliant Pep accuses UEFA & FIFA as being as greedy as Super League clubs

Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola has given a scatching assessment of the state of football. It follows the proposal for a new breakaway European Super League with 12 of Europe's top clubs, of which City are one. "How many times have we said we should sit with UEFA and the leagues, not just the Premier League, the Spanish league, the Bundesliga, everyone, FIFA as well and organise the calendar. For how long have we said that? How long? Centuries. Do they listen? No way. Of course, it's getting worse. But who cares? It's a business, it's money," said Guardiola. "You have to play the competitions if you deserve it. You play good on the pitch, afterwards if you deserve it you play in this competition. Everyone can complain, Ajax can complain, Sevilla can complain, Leicester can complain, West Ham can complain. It's normal. I'd be completely the same," he added.


  • Released : 21-Apr-2021


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