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Football: Bale will 'go back to Real' - before making decision on future

Gareth Bale insisted he had not been "disrespectful" last week when outlining his end-of-season plans to see out the final year of his Real Madrid contract. "Going into next season, legally, my contract says I have to go back to Real Madrid, which is what I stated, which is, I don't think being disrespectful to anybody. That's legally what I have to do," he said. Bale had a slow start to his Spurs return on a season-long loan from Real but he scored six goals in as many games in February and early-March. "Regarding next season. After the Euros and the summer holiday, I'll sit down and we'll go through something then and hopefully come up with a solution," said Bale.


  • Released : 30-Mar-2021


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