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Baseball: Nakken proud to be trailblazer for women in MLB

San Francisco Giants coach Alyssa Nakken says she hopes to act as an inspiration to other women who want to get into the MLB. Nakken: "I was three weeks old when I went to my first Giants game, and I grew up about two hours away from San Francisco. My parents and family are just big Giants fans. This organisation has felt like family for a really long time. So to go on this journey with my family is really special and I think a huge benefit for me. It's an incredible honour that makes me so, so humble, then it's also lights this other fire within me that is like 'okay, I have this additional responsibility to ensure that I continue to help pave this path for many, many other women who are about to walk it'. I have a lot of work to do, a lot to learn, a lot of relationships to build, so here we go. But as I mentioned, I'm just incredibly honoured and humbled by this responsibility that I have."


  • Released : 05-Nov-2020


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