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Asia cup 2023: Asia Cup's 20 years old Dunith Velegelle captured the attention of fans and experts alike

In the high-stakes realm of cricket, it's rare to find a player who excels equally with the bat and the ball. But Dunith Wellalage, the breakout star of the Asia Cup, has defied the odds and emerged as a true all-rounder. With his exceptional skills, Wellalage has captured the attention of fans and experts alike, making a name for himself in the cricketing world. Wellalage's performances in the Asia Cup have been nothing short of outstanding. Whether it's his aggressive batting or his lethal bowling, he has consistently delivered for his team, leaving opponents bewildered and fans in awe. His destructive batting style has allowed him to pile on the runs, while his ability to produce brilliant deliveries has helped him claim crucial wickets. What sets Wellalage apart from other players is his innate cricketing instincts and his unwavering determination. He possesses the mental fortitude to handle pressure situations and the skills to turn the game in his team's favor. As a rising star in the world of cricket, Wellalage's potential seems limitless, leaving fans excited for what the future holds for this extraordinary talent.

Dunith Wellalage shines with bat and ball and won the everyone's heart

20-year-old Dunith Velegelle won everyone's heart by scoring 42 runs unbeaten during batting after scoring 5 wickets for 40 runs in bowling. He has become the youngest bowler to take 5 wickets in ODI format match for Sri Lanka. He did this at the age of 20 and 246 days. Despite the defeat of Sri Lanka, Velegale was awarded the Man of the Match. He opened the first Dafa Paw in his international career. India decided to bat first by winning the toss and made a loss 65 runs without power play. Rohit and Shubhaman started offensively in front of fast bowlers on a spin friendly wicket. Hitman hit 4 fours in the 10th over of Sri Lankan captain Shanaka.

Velegale put the first ball round the wicket-flighted delivery of the 12th over, Shubhaman went ahead and tried to defend, but the ball spinned from near the outside edge and hit the off stump. This is a dream delivery for any bowler. India suffered the first setback at the score of 80, Velegale breaks up the dangerous looking partnership. After Shubhaman left, Team India had high expectations from the pair of Rohit and Virat, while Velegle cast Virat the fifth ball short of the 14th over, but the ball stopped at the surface, Virat could not control the flick and sat the hand of the midwicket easy catch. Virat had 3 runs on 12 balls and India suffered a second setback at 90. Velegale cast the first ball arm ball of the 16th over, which fell the Fraction Short, Rohit decided to play the ball while on the backfoot, But the ball did not bounce at all and ball hit the leg stump, beating the tow end of the bat.

Rohit returned with 53 runs with the help of 7 squares and 2 sixes on 48 balls. The final length ball of the 30th over cast by Velegale stopped Rahul at the stumps and Rahul attempted to check the shot in the final moment and gave the bowler a catch. Rahul scored 39 runs on 44 balls and India suffered a fourth blow at 154. The 36th over was the final over of Welgele's spell, Quick and full outsides came forward to defend heartily on the ball, After eating the ball tappa, the outside turned lightly and the outer edge of Hardik's bat fit into the wicketkeeper's gloves. Welgele was unbeaten at one end, scoring 42* runs with 3 fours and 1 flyer on 46 balls during batting.


  • Released : 13-Sep-2023


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