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Former Pakistan Captain admits age fraud. Are there more skeletons in the closet?

After 23 years, Shahid Afridi reveals that his age was misquoted, and turns out that when the World thought that he was 16, he was perhaps 19, or maybe 21. This revelation puts the entire World cricket under the scanner. Another cricketer has been denied a world record for 23 long years, and the World Cricket bodies seem to be quiet about the entire issue. Their quietness is an indication that all is not well in World Cricket. This was definetely a good opportunity for ICC and perhaps BCCI, to voice their opinion against a rampant issue like age fraud. Brings us to the question...Are there more skeletons in the closet? Get the scoop on Talking Turkey with Kanthi.


  • Released : 10-May-2019


  • Talking Turkey with Kanthi, Talking Turkey