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Does Arvind Kejriwal understand Sports ?

As the race for Delhi elections seems to be heating up, the narrative is changing. Its no longer just Bijli, Paani, Mohalla....its more. Sports seems to be taking importance in the run up to the elections. The AAP called it a historic moment as it passed the Delhi Sports University Bill. No government has done as much as we have done for Sports in the past 70 years, remarked Kejriwal. This bill according to the AAP will be the edifice to create medallists from Delhi. But will the Sports university which excels in conferring degrees, actually be able to create medallists. Is Kejriwals academic background preventing him to think the 'Sports' way?! On what basis has the AAP predicted 10 medals at the Olympics.. Get it all on Talking Turkey with Kanthi


  • Released : 20-Dec-2019


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