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Will Indian cricket come under the new sports code? Who is resisting it?

With Sports Minister, Kiren Rijijus declaration that BCCI would also come under the new Sports Code, the dynamics of Sports will change, if it happens. The new Sports Code if implemented, will see the Indian Olympic Association and the National Sports Federations, wake up and realize that they are here for Sports and cannot run their organizations like personal fiefdom. Some of the tenets of the new sports code will compel sports bodies to downsize and prune their structure, as there is a limit on the number of members allowed. It will also put a check on the age and tenure of officials and ensure that family hegemony is broken . But, who is resisting the implementation of the new sports code. The draft of the code signed by all, has been lying since 2017. Why are sports bodies apprehensive to implement it. Do they like to thrive in ambiguity and a lack of transparency!!! Whats hidden beneath....get it all on Talking Turkey with Kanthi


  • Released : 01-Nov-2019


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