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Sushant Singh Rajput's death has brought the Nepotism debate to centrestage. Does Sport have the same level of Nepotism, that Politics & Bollywood have?

The top of the mind reaction to SSRs death was pointing to a viscious environment within Bollywood caused by nepotistic groups. While Kangana was rightly highlighting the issue, it seems like a great deal of effort has gone into diluting the same. Professions like Bollywood, Politics and Sports that have a tremendous impact on the common man has to be scrutinized more to cleanse the system. Cartels, monopolistic practices, mafia groups are not uncommon. But, has nepotism in India really managed to damage the purity of Sports. Why not? Get the inside scoop on Talking Turkey with Kanthi


  • Released : 07-Aug-2020


  • Talking Turkey with Kanthi, Talking Turkey