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India ODI Ranking, at No 2, Indian Shooting rank, No1...why the drama?

Indias drubbing by Australia in the first ODI series may not be very significant, as it hardly matters for Indias World ODI ranking. But, the same logic does not apply to other sports. Indian Shooting has been declared as Rank 1 in the World for the year 2019. But, with the sport now not featuring in the next edition of the Commonwealth Games, will it create an embarrassing situation for India when it comes to its ranking, vis-a-vis, other Commonwealth nations, as its being made out to be? The IOA which started by threatening a boycott of the CWG, now wants to hold a parallel Commonwealth shooting championship in India, just before the main CWG. What is the drama all about? Have we got our priorities right? Is this about Sport or Politics!!! Get it all on Talking Turkey with Kanthi


  • Released : 17-Jan-2020


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