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The Indian Golf Union stands derecognized for 2019. What went wrong?

The list of recognized National Sports federations have been declared for the year 2019. 36 federations have been given annual recognition. The big one that stands derecognized is the Golf federation. It has been under the radar from April 2018. The Golf federation had violated the National Sports Code on many counts, the biggest violation being non adherence to One State having one vote. Inspite of being given adequate time by the Sports Ministry to put things in order, it refused to do so, or rather it could not do so, on account of dissent and in fighting within its own state associations. Is growing golf figuring on their list of priorities? Is nurturing the athlete before the 2020 olympics a thought that they nurture?!!!. Get all the in side information on Talking Turkey with Kanthi.


  • Released : 15-Feb-2019


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