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Is the Chhattisgarh & MP sport lover, happy with the Government?

As both the States are gearing up for elections, with the Congress President, Rahul Gandhi, promising a 'Peoples Government', in Chhattisgarh, and accusing the BJP of keeping the state 'Poor'....while Prime Minister Modi, categorically announcing that Congress has lost its ground in MP,.....is the millenial population thinking on the same lines...would the younger generation sport lovers in these states, which form a huge number, be expecting different promises from political parties..are the current promises 'Boring' them?....Who should the Sport lover vote for in Chhattisgarh & MP...is the Sports score-Poor, Average, Good, Excellent or Outstanding?..Get it all on Talking Turkey with Kanthi.


  • Released : 16-Nov-2018


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