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Is blaming the match referee for a defeat, the right thing to do, in India?

With the recent heart-breaking performance of the Indian Hockey team, where we bowed out of the quarter finals losing to Netherlands, post which, there was an outburst from the Head Coach, blaming the refereeing decision and justifying it as the main reason for the defeat. The International Hockey federation stepped in to reprimand the Head coach, exchanging a volley of words on good behaviour and poor behaviour. Confusing as it can be as to what was right and what went wrong, brings us to the question on whether referee bashing is a universal phenomena or are we as Indians more prone to it. More importantly, what is the quality of refereeing we have in our own country, before raising a finger at others!Get it all on Talking Turkey with Kanthi.


  • Released : 21-Dec-2018


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