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Hardik Pandya & KL Rahul fiasco...Who was responsible and Who got blamed?

The scintillating performance of Team India down under, has been overshadowed by the news about 2 cricketers, for non cricketing issues. Was BCCI in the know of things before the controversial show was aired on tv. Were Pandya & Rahul given permission to go for the show. Who gave them the permission?. A show-cause notice was issued to the players before an inquiry process. Is that legal? They were also suspended before a formal inquiry. Can their suspension be revoked. When the top management of BCCI are not agreeable with one-another, is it fair to play with the careers of budding young cricketers. Get it all on Talking Turkey with Kanthi.


  • Released : 18-Jan-2019


  • Talking Turkey with Kanthi, Talking Turkey