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Anxiety & Depression in sportspersons-Does India understand Sports Psychology?

While the Government of UK has introduced a compulsory subject called 'Mindfulness', in many schools of London, from the primary level, basically equipping kids from their formative years to handle emotions such as depression & anxiety, in a more balanced manner,...back home, in India, for the first time in our Sports history, a sports psychologist is travelling with the Indian Womens Hockey team, as they slog it out for the Olympic qualification. Sports Psychology-Do we understand it? It is no rocket science to know that many of our athletes crumble under the pressure of representing the country in events like the Olympics. Is there a desire and will for the Government and the National Sports federations, to focus on mental conditioning of our sports persons, at least before the 2020 Olympics. It is a bit too late...but better late than never! Get it all on Talking Turkey with Kanthi


  • Released : 08-Feb-2019


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