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NFL: 'I was racially profiled' - Miami's Frazier reveals police incident

Miami Dolphins safety Kavon Frazier has talked about his own experiences of being racially profiled in the USA. Frazier: “This is a tough topic for me because I had an incident when I was younger and I was racially profiled when I was 10 years old. The police thought I had a gun on me, but I was just a 10-year-old innocent kid who went to Christian school all my life, who was doing all the right things. At that moment there, I knew anybody could be targeted just by the colour of their skin. That’s why I’m so active in the community. I’m so active in trying to educate other people about what’s going on, about how America really is for us. But where we are right now, I’m really lost. I’m lost for words, I’m lost for hope."


  • Released : 29-Aug-2020


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