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Football: He’s Shankly reincarnated in a German body - Liverpool legends hail Klopp

Some of Liverpool's former stars have come out in force to pay tribute to their Premier League-winning coach. Jan Molby: "[Jurgen] Klopp had to come in and do an awful lot of work. The best to compare is Bill Shankly, isn’t it? The work that Bill came and did in 1959, Klopp did a similar job. He had to clean up and make changes, but also when you make changes you need time to see the benefit of those changes. Still, in that time when you’re cleaning up and waiting for that improvement to happen, you still have to play at a certain level because you’re the manager at Liverpool Football Club. I do believe that a lot of things Klopp said when he came, the fans believed and the fans could see. I.e. we will run and fight harder than ever before and I think straight away the fans could see that and they liked that. Let's not forget that this is a group of fans who cheer a tackle almost as hard as they cheer a goal."


  • Released : 27-Jun-2020


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