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Basketball: LeBron's mind and leadership skills are his best asset - Anthony

Former Miami Heat teammate Joel Anthony claims that LeBron James' mental attributes are what sets him apart. Anthony: "He’s [LeBron James] always been a winner. He’s always played on really good teams, for the most part, except for early on in his career where he was still trying to figure things out. He’s always been able to win but once he took that next step and he was winning championships, I feel he’s definitely figured out the type of formula and gets it. He gets it. He knows truly what it takes to be able to win at the highest level. It shows, the fact, that clearly the man’s been able to do it with three different teams. One of the biggest things about him is, I would say, his mind. Physically, obviously very impressive, and even more so impressive because he’s been able to do it for so long. But mentally, where he is, to be able to keep his mind sharp and to be able to also lead and inspire those guys, that’s the biggest thing to me. Because even if he was able to play at a certain level, to be able to bring his team along that journey and to be able to lead them, I feel is what’s really impressive because that, in itself, is an extremely difficult thing to do."


  • Released : 15-Oct-2020


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