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Which is the most powerful body for Non Cricket Sports, in India?

With the Indian Olympic Association and its 50 odd National Sport Federations, on one side, and the Ministry of Sports and the Sports Authority of India, on the other side, ironically, the part which gets neglected is SPORTS!!! All bodies are at logger-heads with one another. It’s a Power struggle to be at the helm of affairs and enjoy the excursion trips, while athletes slog it out to win a medal for the country. But, as Sports is a public function, as declared by the Hon’ble Supreme Court, we as citizens of India, have a right to know as to who is accountable for sport in India…Where does the buck stop?…Who should bear the responsibility and accountability for our Athletes performance in the upcoming Asian Games. Get the inside details on every federation and the Sports Ministry on the Talking Turkey with Kanthi.


  • Released : 10-Aug-2018


  • Talking Turkey with Kanthi, Talking Turkey