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The Boycott China Sentiment, Is BCCI bothered!!!...., Money, Power or Sentiments!!...Will IPL win?

With BCCI's money-spinning deals involving a large chunk of Chinese sponsorships, it seems to be flummoxed on what the next step should be. The top of the mind feeling is to choose money over sentiments, but with 97% of Indians in a survey willing to boycott Chinese products, with a feeling of anger being the predominant feeling, will it also translate into boycotting the IPL if it continues with its Chinese sponsorships. Harsh and insensitive justifications given by the BCCI is not helping much to cut ice with the cricket lover, who at the moment may be willing to sacrifice his cricket love for the sake of the country. Will the IPL be held this year? Get it all on Talking Turkey with Kanthi


  • Released : 22-Jun-2020


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