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Sports News : KKFI president Sudhanshu Mittal wants to see Kho Kho in Olympics in near future

President of Kho Kho Federation of India and VP of Indian Olympic Association Sudhanshu Mittal has plans to take Indian Kho Kho to greater heights and also develop and catapult it to the leagues of mainstream sports. Not just creating a fresh fan base for the game, but Mittal also wants Kho Kho to get included in Olympics, for which he said he is making efforts to get it done as early as possible. Mittal said “Kho Kho is an indigenous sport that is getting recognition on the international platform. Olympic Committee of Asia has accredited the sport as an Asian game. Currently, we are working in 36 countries and we will reach 70 countries in one year. Our next step is to include Kho Kho in the Olympics which we will succeed”. He further added and said “I think every sports administration process should be made according to the popularity of that sport. Second, we should make rules according to the international federation which was overlooked in the Sports Code”.


  • Released : 17-Feb-2021


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