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News: HFI secretary general Anandeshwar Pandey clears air over his suspension to PS

The internal feud within the Handball Federation of India is soaring with each passing day and there’s no way where it is seen coming to a halt. Now in a new move, the president of the Handball Federation of India Mr. M Ramasubramani has suspended the secretary general Mr. Anandeshwar Pandey by saying that Mr. Pandey, who also holds the position of Treasurer in the Indian Olympic Association has misused his power and is also responsible for several irregularities related to the Handball Federation of India. The HFI president has also canceled the proposed meeting by Mr. Pandey on September 27, 2020. Mr. Anandeshwar Pandey on the other hand has termed the HFI president’s actions as ‘illegal’ and ‘unconstitutional’. He said that according to the HFI constitution, the president can’t remove the secretary general.


  • Released : 14-Sep-2020


  • PS Exclusive