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Indian Cricket, A Monopoly! Is it time for a Cricket Revolution in India?

The recent performance of India in the New Zealand ODI series, the performance of Indian Women in the Tri-nation T-20 series, and the U19, World Cup defeat to Bangladesh, has left many unanswered questions. Is India doing enough to fulfill the aspirations of cricketers in India? An ICC survey has revealed that 90 crore cricket fans exist only in the Indian Subcontinent. Then, why is that less than .1% of the cricket-loving population, actually manages to make cricket a career. The monopolistic and restrictive practices adopted by the BCCI, which labels any cricket outside its jurisdiction, as 'Disapproved Cricket', the reason for this cricket anomaly in India.?! Get it all on Talking Turkey with Kanthi


  • Released : 20-Mar-2020


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