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How much will Sports be impacted in the Global recession ?

With no COVID-19 insurance, BCCI and stakeholders are set to lose over Rs 3800 crore if IPL 2020 is canceled. While global sporting leagues and competitions all across the world reel from the effects of the COVID-19 virus strain, the All-England Club is set to benefit from some foresight on their part. According to reports, Wimbledon chiefs, who reportedly paid $2 million a year for pandemic insurance for the last 17 years, are to see their insurance triggered by the cancellation with the clause that covers infectious diseases set to be worth as much as 100m pounds. However, according to a source in the BCCI, there is no pandemic insurance cover for the IPL. BCCI insurance doesn’t cover pandemic. It covers epidemic, terrorism and climate-related stuff. The pandemic situation is unprecedented.


  • Released : 10-Apr-2020


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